Wind Central America Congress Quick-Fire Q&A with Sean Porter, Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy

Quick-Fire Q&A

Sean Porter, Senior Business Development Manager at Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy

Q. As an estimation, what do you envisage the potential Wind Power projects pipeline for Wind in Central America over the next 3 years?

A. 300-400MW

Q. What are the 3 top challenges organisations face when looking to develop wind farms in the region?

A. Low oil prices, grid saturation, lack of clear long term national strategies

Q. How do you advise organisations overcome these challenges?

A. Challenges will require that creative commercial and technical solutions be implemented to allow projects to move forward and align with the individual country and regional goals.

Q. What makes a PPA bankable in Central America?

A. 15 year + tenor, take or pay provisions, adequate step-in provisions, appropriate payment/compliance guarantees.

Q. Which country, in your opinion, has the most favourable policies for Wind farm development in Central America?

A. There is no clear winner here because the feasibility of projects is an interaction of a number of factors, including: available resources, composition of energy matrix, availability and quality of bid processes and national strategy.

Sean will be speaking at the Wind Central America congress – if you would like more information please visit Wind Central America Congress at


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