Exclusive Speaker Interview with Emil Moroz, President, EM Energy LLC

Emil MorozAhead of the Wind Operator Congress North America, taking place 21-23 September 2015 in Chicago, we spoke with Emil Moroz, the president of EM Energy LLC to get some more insights about the wind power operations industry.


What do you see as the biggest opportunity for wind power operators to increase productivity of assets without excessive capex?

High quality Maintenance and a solid continuous improvement program.

To what extent is the post-warranty period an opportunity for wind operations owners, and to what extent does it pose a challenge, why?

Opportunity to take full ownership and to push for cost optimized availability levels. Challenge of cleaning up any shortcomings that may have occurred during the “do not touch” warranty period.

What technological development or innovation do you believe promises to bring greatest benefit to wind power operations and why?

Highly automated condition monitoring of blade surfaces to facilitate maximum energy capture and minimum cost of downtime through data driven life cycle planning.

How will the wind power industry in 10 years differ to that of today?

More educated and aware operators that are looking ahead more and fighting fires less.

Lastly, what’s your one top tip for a wind power operator?

Don’t believe that just because you have a full wrap service agreement that you can sit back and relax. Wind technology needs engaged owners that are monitoring and questioning what is going on at their sites during all stages of project life.


If you would like to hear more from Emil Moroz and the future of wind power operations, visit the Wind Operator Congress North America this September in Chicago. http://windoperatorcongress.com 


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