Exclusive Speaker interview with Christian Bak, Senior Scientist, DTU, Denmark

christian BakIn the lead up to the Wind Operator Congress Europe, taking place this December in London, we spoke with Christian Bak, Senior Scientist, DTU, Denmark to get some more insights about the wind power operations industry.


What is your greatest professional achievement to date?

Technical project leader of the biggest wind energy dedicated wind tunnel in the World – the Danish National Wind Tunnel incl initiation and discussions with Danish wind turbine stake holders and design. The tunnel will be finalised end 2016. Apart from this I have designed/co-designed two airfoil series used in wind turbine blade design by several large wind turbine manufacturers that ensure a silent, reliable and high energy production and I have been the project leader for the design of the academic DTU 10MW Reference Wind Turbine used in many research projects internationally.

What is your number one priority at present?

My number one priority right now is to establish the Danish National Wind Tunnel. The establishment of the tunnel is to ensure even more precise aerodynamic and aeroacoustic predictions of wind turbine performance.

What do you think the biggest challenge/opportunity for the industry will be in 2016?

There are several challenges, and probably not limited to 2016. In general they are about reducing the cost of energy or penetration. Three of those are to reduce the cost of offshore foundations, reduce the cost of O&M and increase the annual energy production for the same cost for turbines. The fourth one is to reduce noise further for the same energy production.

What are you most looking forward to about the wind operator congress Europe?

I am looking forward to meet people from many sides of the wind turbine industry – people with many different competences – to hear about their opinion about which developments wind energy need.


To read more insights from the Wind Operator Congress Europe visit the website at http://europe.windoperatorcongress.com


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